Fortuna Asset Management
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A full service, one stop solution real estate service company for real estate investors. 

Fortuna Asset Management is a full service, one stop solution real estate service company seeking to bring real estate investors’ visions to life and to maximize the potential of their assets. 

With over 50 years of collective experience in real estate planning, development, management, customer service, and financial record keeping, Fortuna Management takes pride in providing real estate investors with the care and excellence needed to thrive in complex markets. 

The spectrum and versatility of our experience and expertise has resulted in a consistent track record of significant value enhancement and high-yield returns on investments for our partners and clients. After ascertaining the financial goals of our client, our team goes to work developing and implementing a strategic business plan tailor-made for each management assignment awarded or property acquired.  Always seeking to lower operating costs while creating new streams of revenue, the Fortuna team focuses its attention to the structure of leases, tenant relations, retention, and judicious use of capital improvements, while prioritizing the client’s investment strategy in order to achieve long term value maximization. 

We know you have options in selecting a property management company, but here at Fortuna, we strive for something beyond passively collecting rent and paying bills. We believe our personalized and boutique approach to property management results not only in prosperous investment experiences, but also provides the bedrock of the lasting and trustworthy relationships we maintain with our clients. Our clients know our local and highly trained staff by name, and we take ownership and pride in providing them with the care and excellence that will bring their visions to life.




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